Labor of Love

Why choose birth photography?

… The real question is, why not?!  This is the most spectacular, beautiful and miraculous day of your life.  The day you fall in love so hard and so quickly that it seems like a real-life fairy tale.  And it is a dream come true;  meeting this perfect little person that you’ve been waiting for your whole life.  This is a day that should be well-documented and passed down to the future generations of your family.

Do we need to be in the delivery room as you deliver your little miracle?  Nope :).  Birth photography can be done within the first 48 hours of birth– when tiny little toes and fingers are still pruned.  When emotions are high and tears of love and joy can stream just from hearing the slightest little ‘coo’ from your baby.  We would love to be there to capture the sentimental moments when it’s all so new and you’re still getting to know each other.

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Meet Chloe!! We had so much fun visiting Mom, Dad, & Chloe in the hospital to do a Labor of Love shoot :). It was such a calm, peaceful atmosphere– and Chloe is just a doll!! We Love & Light her so much!




Our hearts grew a little after meeting this perfect package.  Meet Brisben James– a sweet concoction of spunk, like his momma, mixed with the charm of his dad.  He’s pure candy coated goodness with a cherry on top… sent straight from heaven!

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